"Hiro. I am... at your service. I guess I am the sidekick."
"The bravest one I know."

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G R E E N D A L E   S E V E N  Appreciation  Week(s) 

DAY NINE: Annie Edison Love day

-After my nervous breakdown, my mom wanted to put the problem behind us, and I wanted to deal with it, so I went to rehab, and she cut me off.

-What are you living on?

-I saved. Every penny from babysitting, every birthday check, every dollar from the Period Fairy when I was a kid.

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And this is what happens when I mess around with photoshop…

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The Lightning Thief quest group

I’m—I’m just, you know, missing the simpler days. Don’t touch me.

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Leave a fandom in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • 5 favorite characters:
  • 3 OTPs:
  • Funniest character:
  • Prettiest character:
  • Most bad-ass character:
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:
  • Character that’s ruined my life:
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 Yes?;  xD;  


all i do is sit
and count the miles from
y o u   to   m e

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greendale seven appreciation

day 9: annie edison love day

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    day four 
         ↳ otp | annie and jeff

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"When you love someone, but it goes to waste. Could it be worse?"

glp Coldplay - Fix You

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"Abed, it makes the group uncomfortable when you talk about us like we’re characters in a show you’re watching."

Greendale Seven Appreciation
Abed Nadir Love Day

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G R E E N D A L E   S E V E N  Appreciation  Week(s)


Annie Edison love day

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